Could not copy file.: /public_html : wordpress upgrade

Today was trying to upgrade my wordpress and it was failing with the following error

Could not copy file.: /public_html

As per the wordpress , it was due  the pure-ftpd server and the suggestion was to switch over to Proftpd.

I have contacted my support and the reply was like ” it is not possible to change default configuration of ftp on shared server “

So I have decided to dig in this issue and found a nice word press plugin , which will help you to fix the bug with pure-ftpd

FTP Upgrade Fix

I tried to install this plugin , but got the same error.  So i have removed the folder ” upgrade ”  (wp-content == > upgrade ) and recreate the same with 777 permision.

This time i was able to install this plugin successfully .

Yes, its a nice one . After that I did the upgrade with in seconds !!!!!

Hope this will help you once you stuck with your wordpress upgrade 😉