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  • j

    I’m trying to set this up but seem to be having problems. I want PAM to take care of the RSA stuff but I also want to log into the server this is on with a local account…..Your instructions are FAR better than the crap I got with the PAM module but I’m still missing something.

  • vladguan

    Hi, Your instructions are very useful. However, I am having an issue where the secure logs on a test RHEL 5.4 says “Access denied. API returned: 751”. Followed by “error: PAM: Authentication failure for from “.
    I am trying to SSH into the test RHEL 5.4 from my Windows Host PC via Putty and I think it is trying to authenticate the user with the PC rather than the RSA Manager. In fact, the monitor on the SC does not even pick it up.
    If I SSH as root to the test RHEL from my Windows PC first and then try SSH into it again as the test user, it also fails but this time, it says the failed authentication is with the test RHEL machine from with I SSHed.
    Am I missing something?

  • Phanindra

    Hi Admin/All,
    Thank you for the information. However, I would like to know in more details as I am in the learning stage.
    I have a RSAclient and server (where AM 8.1 is configured). Now can you please let me know what are the steps that I need to perform at the client machine and at the server.
    For the above I am confused where (client or server) to perform the above steps.
    Please help me.