LibClamAV Error : Clamd restart issue

What is the issue ?

Today my team reported that our mail relay server is not working and they are not able to sent e-mails via the test applications.
Whenever I check the mail server I found more than 1000 mails are in queue and mail server is failing to sent/deliver mails to recipients.
In a detailed check its found that clamd service is down and I was not able to restart clamd service. I was getting the following error

LibClamAV Error: mpool_malloc(): Attempt to allocate 8388608 bytes. Please report to

After some googling its found that the issue is with the version of clamd we were using in our mail server. And the golden words I got from the clamv forum was as follows

" ClamAV 0.97.x is no longer supported. The current release of ClamAV is 0.99.2 ".

How to fix this issue ??

 1.  Download the latest version (0.99.2) of clamd, clamav and clamav-db rpm's and update your mail server. (
 2.  Restart freshclam and clamd services