Daily,Weekly and Monthly mysql backup


Auto mysql backup is a fantastic script to create daily , weekly and monthly backup of mysql db’s .  I am using this in my most of the DB servers . The main advantage is , it will do a good level of compression ( backup file )

Download the script :-


Configuration :-

cp  automysqlbackup-2.5.1-01.sh  /etc/automysqlbackup/automysqlbackup.sh

mkdir –p /etc/automysqlbackup/

vi   /etc/automysqlbackup/automysqlbackup.conf

To create a config file just copy the code between “### START CFG ###” and “### END CFG ###   to /etc/automysqlbackup/automysqlbackup.conf from automysqlbackup-2.5.1-01.sh

In the configuration you need to change only the following

# Username to access the MySQL server e.g. dbuser


# Password to access the MySQL server e.g. password


# Host name (or IP address) of MySQL server e.g localhost


# List of DBNAMES for Daily/Weekly Backup e.g. “DB1 DB2 DB3”

DBNAMES=”wordpress_db  forum_db”

# Backup directory location e.g /backups


# Email Address to send mail to? ([email protected])

MAILADDR=[email protected]

# setup a cron to execute the mysql backup script.

30 00 * * *  bash  /etc/automysqlbackup/automysqlbackup.sh


Enjoy !! you done that..It’s a fantastic tool for mysql daily weekly and monthly backup . ..You can sleep with out worrying about your DB’s