Resin SSL configuration in five steps !!

Resin is a powerful web server which will run smoothly with java and html ( it will  support php also ).  Its very tough to get details about resin except from the   site.  Hope that this doc will be helpful for the System admins who are working with  resin .  Its a simple  5 steps doc to setup ssl certificate for resin.


1)  Create Key

openssl  genrsa  -des3  -out  2048

2)  Create CSR

openssl req -new -key -out

3) Purchase the SSL using the above csr

4) SSL configuration for resin web server
( We should save the ssl key , chainfile ( CA bundle ) and certificate in ”  /usr/local/resin/keys  ” )

# vi /usr/local/resin/resin.conf

<server id=”adminlogs” address=”″>
<http id=”adminlogs” address=”″ port=”8080″/>
<http id=”adminlogs” address=”″ port=”8443″>

Terms : –
certificate-file  : SSL certificate location
certificate-key-file : SSL key file location
certificate-chain-file : chain file location
chain file  contains both ca bundle and ssl certificate
For example you should create the file as follows , certificate first and then ca bundle.
cat adminlogs.crt >> admin-inter.txt
cat intermediate.txt >> admin-inter.txt

password : Password given at the time of SSL Key creation in first step

5) Restart resin

/usr/local/resin/bin/ restart